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Surf Club, Silver Gull New Owner Operators-JBAY.LLC Ortega Family Enterprises

The tides have made a turn for the Beach Clubs in Rockaway.

The Flamingo Kid with Matt Dillon was Filmed at the Silver Gull

The owners (and Rockaway residents) of the Silver Gull and the Breezy Point Beach clubs have not had their leases renewed.  The clubs were formed before Gateway was created by Congress in 1972. They are now considered concessions under the authority of the National Park Service and up for bid. The new lessees for the National Park Service concessions will be the “Ortega Family Enterprises”  as of April, 2012.

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Breezy Point Surf Club

Sustainability, and Thinking Green are some of the mantras of this family owned business operation.

Armand Ortega

In 2011, Armand Ortega was invited to attend the White House Conference on Sustainable Foods for his contribution of promoting sustainable foods in his National Park concessions.

White Sands Ortega Family Enterprises

With business ventures primarily in the American Southwest and California, Ortega Family Enterprisesconducts business as owner-operators as well as consulting managers. Retail stores, Hospitality, Concessions, Restaurants

Ortega Family Enterprises- Inside El Rancho Hotel (Bar)

are among their main sources of revenue.

Jewelry from Ortegas on the Plaza

“For millions of visitors, these beach clubs offer a leisurely way to enjoy the beach just a few miles from home,” noted NPS Superintendent Linda Canzanelli. “Returning visitors will notice some new enhancements in the services offered, which may attract new users as well.”

JBAY’s parent company, Ortega National Parks, LLC, has more than 45 years of hospitality experience and over 16 years’ experience operating concessions in the National Park Service, including at Bandelier, White Sands, Muir Woods, Carlsbad Caverns and Death Valley.

For more information, the NPS website listed  John Harlan Warren, 718-354-4608 as a contact. Also mentioned was National Park Service Northeast Regional Director Dennis Reidenbach.

So it seems the Ortega Family are already rearing to go. They seem to have a website already made. This is what they say about the offering of their two clubs:

The old Surf Club: http://www.nybreezypoint.com/

The old Silver Gull” http://www.nysilvershores.com/
“On behalf of Ortega Family Enterprises, we would like to say thank you for accepting us into your Beach Club community. We are excited to be an integral part in keeping the traditions and memories alive for you, your family, and your friends.

We consider it a privilege to be in New York at Silver Shores and Breezy Point Beach Clubs, not just as another business undertaking, but as partners with you to maintain the Clubs as stewards of the environment, culture, and history while at the same time providing the best possible service, facilities, and experience for our guests.
Our broad mission for both Clubs is to reclaim the historic dignity of the property, integrate guest narratives, and other customer service standards, and by example, to create community partnerships never thought possible.

The Ortega family is currently in the eighth generation of the retail and hospitality business, dating back to the 1800s. We specialize in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries in National Parks, National Monuments, and private endeavors. Ortega Family Enterprises has received awards and accolades for maintaining the historic and environmental integrity of the properties we maintain as owner-operators as well as consulting managers.”

Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park , San Francisco

“We are happy to announce that we have added a new member to our team, but a familiar face to you and everyone at the Clubs. Bob Ordan will be the General Manager of both Beach Clubs. We are also pleased to announce you will see many familiar faces in our staff. Their expertise will provide a smooth transition and will ensure the community is deeply involved. Our company is made up of individuals like you, and we certainly are committed to providing the best possible climate for improvements while respecting Club traditions and activities for many years to come.

Some of our goals are to create unforgettable memories for our guests to enjoy these beautiful, historic Beach Clubs, and to continue the legacy of the long-time members. I am pleased that you and your family take great interest in the Beach Clubs and community. We are thrilled to be invited to be a part of this tradition.

We are continually updating this website and reviewing new suggestions from members and the NPS as to how to better serve your community. Please check back here often for updates.

Tanya Ortega. Photo property of ortegafamilyenterprises.com 

Tanya Ortega
Ortega Family Enterprises”



The Ortega Family:  excerpts from “http://www.ortegafamilyenterprises.com/background.html


Armand Ortega. Photo property of ortegafamilyenterprises.com

Armand Ortega:

Balconies Restaurant Santa Fe

 Ortega Family Enterprises is headquartered out of Santa Fe. Armand oversees all United States operations . He purchased one of the key corners of the famous Santa Fe square in teh 1970’s and renovated it to a historic recreation of what stood on the site in 1878.. Ortega Family Enterprises still operates Ortegas on the Plaza, a world renowned Indian jewelry store, a restaurant Balconies on the Plaza, and Mimosa, a high-end clothing boutique which is also housed in the building.

Shane Ortega. Property of ortegafamilyenterprises.com

Shane Patrick Ortega

Armand’s son Shane,  M.B.A. graduate of Stanford University is the company president. He oversees the daily operations at the National Park concessions. Shane placed an emphasis on environmental stewardship during his studies.

Tanya Ortega

Tanya Ortega  has studied Forestry, Geology and Environmental studies at NAU in Flagstaff, Arizona, and has a BFA in Sculpture and Photography from Southern Oregon University in

Ashland, Oregon. Responsiblilities  include creating partnerships between local groups, cultural entities and the park concessions. She meets with artists on Native Reservations to select and purchase their unique jewelry and handicrafts and curates a variety of Arts and outreach programs at Ortega Family Enterprises. Among these, she is founding the first ever “Artist in Residence Program” of any U.S. Park Concessionaire.

One can submit their email information on a form on their website to get on their mailing list.


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